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Thread: Robotic Liberation by PWP (VIC-20)
Harrison 23:45 7th October 2008
Having a click around on youtube tonight I came across a video of probably the greatest VIC-20 demo that has so far been created.

For those of you who don't know about it, Robotic Liberation runs on an unexpanded Commodore VIC-20 and features some great visual effects and quite madly it also has synthesized speech! Well, after a fashion. It's not something you would comprehend easily without the words being on screen.

Anyway, if you haven't seen this demo before then I can assure you that it is far greater than you will be expecting is possible from a VIC-20.

Video can be viewed

But I recommend you download the proper demo from Pouet and run it in an emulator as you won't get the full experience or clear visuals otherwise. The Pouet page can be found at
Demon Cleaner 00:21 8th October 2008
Your YouTube link has the wrong link (this one:
Harrison 02:04 8th October 2008
That's odd. Don't know how it did that. Corrected now.
Cortona 19:41 10th October 2008
That's incredible. I'm always impressed by what people can squeeze into limited memory and produce on ancient technology these days, like the C64 Desert Dream remake I mentioned in another post.

I have to mention a demo I saw recently, even though it's not for Commodore hardware, because I can honestly say that it's the only demo I've seen in 20 years that I would describe as 'beautiful', partly because it is a 4KB executable: Atrium by TBL / Loonies. Clever stuff. Can't get my head around how they shoe-horned the code to generate it into 4KB!

(Maybe I should get out more. I am of course forgetting the 'rocket toilet' in the Budbrain Megademo, which is beautiful in its own little way...)
Harrison 20:27 10th October 2008
There are many great demos out there. So many in fact that each time I take a look online I find something new to impress me and enjoy watching.

And I don't stick to any specific platform. I do concentrate a lot on the Amiga demo scene, but I equally love looking at the PC demo scene of more recent years as there have been some really beautifully designed demos on the PC. And my favourite group is still Farbrausch. A group that is probably one of the most famous in recent years.

Although one of my favourite PC demos to date is A Significant Deformation Near the Cranium by Kewlers in 2003. I love the music in this demo and the visuals are great too. Taking a lot of inspiration from surrealism. You can watch it here

But to be quite blown away it is worth exploring some of the 1K and 4K PC demos. A 1K demo called Himalaya is something really cool. It generates a full 3D mountainscape plus has background music! Quite something.
Puni/Void 20:24 15th October 2008
Thanks for the link to the VIC-20 demo, Harrison. Quite impressive to say the least. Excellent music as well.

I see that you guys like watching demos on many different platforms. Have you seen some of the newer stuff for the ZX Spectrum? There's a lot of goodies to discover, so head over to right away.

The toilet in Budbrain is a classic.