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Thread: Netsurf
Buleste 12:01 9th February 2010
Luckily for my mig I don't have any way of hooking it up to the net so I run netsurf under emu. Even if I could connect my mig I know that the CV64/3D would raise a white flag and retire crying into the corner of the room. Realistically you'd need a PCi board and an overclocked 060. In truth it's more for emulation purposes than a real miggy.
Harrison 12:25 9th February 2010
It would still be great to have a browser running on a real Classic 68K Amiga that could load current websites though, but we are asking a lot from hardware which is now around 20 years old.

I've asked the members over at amibay if any of them have run it on a real Amiga, and how well it performs. Will be interesting to find out if anyone has tried, and what their results are.

If only someone would actually complete one of the projects for a new 68K Amiga we might be able to actually run this easily on real hardware.
Buleste 13:26 9th February 2010
This is the thing netsurf 68k is really for the dream amigas. I.e. coldfire based etc. The only almost real Amiga it might run on is the Natami but only when it eventually gets up and running but there is still a lot of code to get right before that happens.
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