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Thread: Best/Worst of the Web
TiredOfLife 17:45 19th December 2006
Thought the show me something cool thread was sound.
How about we start that off again but also point out some of the worst, most pointless sites as well?
J T 18:49 19th December 2006
I'm hoping that will be one of the ones that we can port over entirely? If not I'll start it up again.

Good suggestion
TiredOfLife 08:38 24th December 2006
Excellent, will hang for a bit and see how you get on with that.
Submeg 23:49 22nd January 2007
Lol, I was just shown this thread by my gf....

check this thread out....
rayzorblue 10:01 23rd January 2007
A few of my personal favourites

Shirt folding


Black people love us
Harrison 12:14 23rd January 2007
That Hencam is quite mad, and it even won the EarthCam's top 10 cams award. Quite mad. And the Black people love us letters page is quite amusing considering how obviously satirical the site is.

As for the shirt folding, that is just cool. I have to try and fold a shirt like that later just to see if it works!
Demon Cleaner 12:19 23rd January 2007
I saw that folding one on TV already, works pretty good (by looking, not doing ). Do you really mean that the black community one is satirical? You know that there are many crazy Americans out there. The photos where they laugh, seem very simulated though
Harrison 12:26 23rd January 2007
To me it looks like a bunch of people decided to make the site as a piss take to see what responses they would get. And we all know the majority of Americans don't understand true humour, so when they come across the site they all go off on there high and mighty Christian brain washed soap boxes about how racist the site is.
rayzorblue 15:19 23rd January 2007
Originally Posted by Harrison:
That Hencam is quite mad, and it even won the EarthCam's top 10 cams award. Quite mad.
Are u kidding it is a quality cam but the subject matter leaves alot to be desired
Harrison 15:47 23rd January 2007
He is a mad one from the same site as the shirt folding. IloveEgg
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