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Thread: Gaming artwork, Hall of Shame.
Harrison 11:13 22nd January 2007
Welcome to the classicamiga Gaming artwork, Hall of Shame.

Over the years I bet you have seen some truly horrible artwork being used on the posters and boxes of games. Now is your chance to share your idea of the worst examples with everyone else in a bid to try and find the worst artwork we can that has been used on the boxes, posters, manuals and promotional material of a game.

Post artwork from any game you like for any platform. I look forward to seeing some really horrible examples of artwork. And wouldn't it be funny to contact the original artists and interrogate them on why their artwork was so bad.

The Hall of Shame is inspired by PG and JT in a conversation about bad box art. Sadly the original thread accidentially got deleted. Sorry guys.

Puni/Void 16:49 22nd January 2007
Here is my first contribution to this thread. It is the cover art from the game called Metro-Cross by Namco. The game was released in 1985 with an OK cover, but the budget version truly lacks coolness. Have a look:

AlexJ 17:03 22nd January 2007
Here's my first contribution.

Phalanx was a futuristic shoot 'em up on the SNES.

Here's a screenshot:

So what did they choose to put on the box?

A bearded chap with a banjo. Did they even give the artist the theme of the game, or did they just say make a cover for a video game, the artist then guessing that the game would be a Farm simulation or something. Terrible.
Demon Cleaner 17:04 22nd January 2007
That one is REALLY terrible, what did they have in mind?
AlexJ 19:01 22nd January 2007
The Sega Master System's standard box art was a crap illustration on graph paper. Example:

Loads of blank white space - a big no-no when it comes to making your product stand out on the shelf. Still i'd gladly take it over this next example:

That face *will* give you nightmares.
Harrison 12:04 23rd January 2007
I remember those Sega graphpaper like box designs. I suppose they stood out from other systems boxes and you could quickly identify them. Still looked a bit crap though.

That face is quite disturbing. Definitely doesn't fit the rest of the picture. Almost as though it originally had a different head and the developers told the artist they needed to see a face instead of the knights helmet.
Demon Cleaner 12:06 23rd January 2007
I kinda like the boxes, they're very unique. But as for the guys face, that is really a joke.
Submeg 22:36 23rd January 2007
WTF is with that banjo?
Harrison 23:23 23rd January 2007
That is a very strange image to use for the game. If the artist only had the games title and nothing else to go by you would never come up with that. From just the name Phalanx the first thing that comes to mind would be historical battles from Rome or something similar, not a hill billy sat in a rocker playing the banjo whilst a space ship zooms by.
Demon Cleaner 06:33 24th January 2007
The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear Phalanx, is a pr0n game

The 2 Arnie games for amiga also have some hard gay action covers:

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