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Thread: Gaming artwork, Hall of Shame.
Submeg 12:22 24th January 2007
Originally Posted by Harrison:
...If the artist only had the games title and nothing else to go by you would never come up with that. From just the name Phalanx the first thing that comes to mind would be historical battles from Rome or something similar, not a hill billy sat in a rocker playing the banjo whilst a space ship zooms by.
That seems like a competition/game that my parents play. It's called dictionary. Basically, you learn some really random words and what they mean. You sit with a group of six or so people and you state the word. Then everyone writes down what they think it means. Then the person that chose the word reads them out one by one and then people vote on which one they think is the correct answer. The more people that don't vote for the correct answer, the more points that person receives. I remember one of the words was 'Torsk'. One of the suggested meanings was ' A Russian issued army torch'. The correct answer was a type of fish. It is an awesome game to play.
Teho 15:38 24th January 2007
Originally Posted by :
I remember one of the words was 'Torsk'.
Well, I would've gotten that one. So would PG. It's norwegian for cod.

Originally Posted by :
One of the suggested meanings was ' A Russian issued army torch'.

Sounds like a fun game, actually.
Harrison 15:44 24th January 2007
There used to be a gameshow on TV in the UK like that called Call my Bluff. It ran for a very long time, but I don't think it's still being made. It consisted of two teams of three players. An obscure English word would be shown and each member of one team would have to give a detailed definition of what the word meant. Each of the three members would give completely different means. The other team would then have to guess which meaning was correct and which two were bluffing.
Puni/Void 19:45 24th January 2007
Hehe.. I agree, Teho, the game actually sounds pretty fun. I would for sure have loved playing that. Torsk can be quite tasty if cooked the right way.
Submeg 20:11 24th January 2007
We should do it on here. Of course when you come up with a word people aren't allowed to look it up in the dictionary or online. It would be sweet
rayzorblue 01:18 25th January 2007
Originally Posted by Submeg:
WTF is with that banjo?
i cant help thinkin of deliverence

Originally Posted by :
There used to be a gameshow on TV in the UK like that called Call my Bluff.
I used to watch that with me nana, and countdown then she would kick my ass at scrabble happy days
Agram 21:32 23rd March 2007
If I was responsible for the final cover I would have been well impressed, as I have no artistic talent myself.

Here is what was released:

And here is what could have been. Has a more epic feel to it:

Also found this low res one that might of been another candidate, but still prefer the middle picture.

J T 21:23 26th March 2007
Originally Posted by Harrison:
There used to be a gameshow on TV in the UK like that called Call my Bluff. ....

Gotta love b3ta, in fact I may have to start a new thread to link to some of the funnier posts and pics there.
Demon Cleaner 23:38 26th March 2007
I also prefer the middle Homeworld 2 cover, but all in all, the 3 of them are not bad.
Ghost 21:55 2nd April 2007
Originally Posted by Agram:

To be honest I found Homeworld 2 in general a disappointment, the control scheme was good but Homeworld Cataclysm showed that it could be done long before HW2 was a glimpse in the eyes of the developers.

Regarding story, compared to the Space Opera Homeworld I found it a major disappointment and I hated the stuff such as magical hyperdrive cores that give people connected to it longlivity.
People tend to badmouth Homeworld Cataclysm because the story sounded a little Star Trek esque but it was fun compared to Homeworld 2 during which I really had moments of "Man this is boring", having to finish 'filler' missions in the hope something good came after it.
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