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Thread: Your all-time favourite demos
rayzorblue 22:26 4th February 2007
My favourite demo was a one that had a rave song on it and some awesome graphical stuff, it was the tune that was awesome though cant remember wat the demo was called though but i think the song was called all night ive mentioned this before so im resigned to never seeing it again now real shame too i loved the image of a cartoon dog that flashed up occasionally too.
Harrison 23:57 4th February 2007
Originally Posted by Edwinner:
I remember a demo called "Jesus on E's" or something like that. It was pretty cool at the time. Runs on two disks and quite good on an A500.
Jesus on E's was a very popular demo at the time and was probably the best known demo outside of the main demo scene. Everyone I knew had seen it, even those that would normally only ever play games on their Amiga's and never demos.

For me, although I remember thinking it was quite impressive at the time, I personally thought it got a bit boring as it was too long and dragged on.
TiredOfLife 20:45 5th February 2007
Jesus on Es, Desert Dreams, Oddysey, 9 Fingers, Maximum OverdriveII are some of my favourites.
Seem to remember liking Dataworld 1 + 2.
Try to find them recently to have another look but can only find copies in loads of little packages, due to the size.
I'm sure I had at least one of them on a cover CD in one archive.
Will keep looking.
Puni/Void 21:29 5th February 2007
I see you mention several good demos there. 9 Fingers and Desert Dream are truly brilliant stuff. The same goes for the Dataworld wild-demos, which were quite stunning for its time. A lot of great 3D stuff are included, along with a cool soundtrack.

Btw, you don't happen to have some old demo packdisks, TiredOfLife? I'm searching for all kinds of old demo stuff, so if you have something old that maybe it's not on the Internet, it would be great if you could make some ADF's of those (or .dms). Thanks in advance.
TiredOfLife 18:04 6th February 2007
Got tons of stuff on Amiga floppy.
Will do a list on here.
The let me know what you want and I will adf them.
Harrison 21:25 6th February 2007
If you post a list in the demo scene/site content forum that would be great, then everyone working on the demo section can see what they are missing for the site.

Also if anyone else has some rare or hard to find online demos then please also post a list of what you have in the same demo scene/site content forum as that will really help out with resource locating for the site.
TiredOfLife 23:21 6th February 2007
Will do, no probs.
Puni/Void 09:34 7th February 2007
Thanks a lot, TiredOfLife! I'm really looking forward to see the list. It will be very helpful when thinking about the Demo Section.
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