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Thread: A600 Ultimate Quiz!
Harrison 13:08 5th February 2008
And here we have another quiz from Zetr0.

This one is entitled "A600 Ultimate Quiz"

This one is all about the baby of the Amiga family, the A600. Not a popular model at the time, it has since gained more popularity and it now commands much more bidding on ebay compared to the A500. But how much do you know about it? Try the quiz for yourself and see how much you really know.

Take the quiz now by going here.
Stephen Coates 13:24 5th February 2008
I got 55%. Not surprising as I have never used one, but there are a few which I weren't sure about so could have got right.
Harrison 13:28 5th February 2008
A600 is very similar to the A500+ though and I know you own one of those.
Stephen Coates 14:03 5th February 2008
Yep, that did help a little bit, but they are still different computers.
Buleste 14:33 5th February 2008
80% with mostly guesses. Cool.
Teho 15:08 5th February 2008
75%. I'm satisfied with that.
Zetr0 15:54 5th February 2008
Well done, I do hope you guys find them fun as well as challenging...

I did have to do a bit of research for these quizes
Harrison 17:08 5th February 2008
The answer to question 17 was wrong. Sorry everyone. Zetr0 just noticed. Oops! I've now corrected it and all of your scores should now be updated to reflect the change.
Buleste 17:14 5th February 2008
That sucks the answer i gave first time round was originally marked as right now it's wrong. Boo Hiss. Damn moderators.
Harrison 17:17 5th February 2008
Don't blame the moderators! Blame Zetr0 for originally having the answer wrong in the quiz.

But seriously. These are some great quizzes, and a nice addition to the forum's quiz section. Great work Zetr0
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