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Thread: MorphOS PowerUP
Buleste 11:13 5th February 2008
Anyone got any knowledge on how to get MorphOS for PowerUP working? I'm trying to install but can't get it to run.
Harrison 11:23 5th February 2008
I've never used the OS, but would love to be able to try it out just to see how good it is and what it can do. Was even tempted to buy a Pegasos II at one point.
Buleste 11:42 5th February 2008
This is it. I've tried OS4 and was frankly disappointed so i thought i'd give MOS a try.
TiredOfLife 16:00 5th February 2008
What was it you didn't like about OS4 or where you just expecting more?
Harrison 16:05 5th February 2008
I think many people have been a bit disappointed with OS4 from what I've seen and read. I think it just wasn't that big an evolution or step forward from OS3.9. Especially considering how many years it was been in development.
Buleste 16:17 5th February 2008
From what i've used in OS4 most of it is cosmetic with the rest just being stuff that either is freely available on Aminet for 68000 Amigas or only usable on processors available for Amiga one's. Some bits i did like but it's certainly not worth 60 and 5 years waiting time. Maybe I'm not getting the full benefit due to my CV64/3D having 4meg memory but there seems to be no huge speed increase. I think it's just not the leap forward we want and deserve. 3.0 to 3.5 was a bigger leap.
TiredOfLife 16:38 5th February 2008
I am not getting the expected speed increases and also losing speed in some circumstances.

For some things, I am better off under 3.9 with WarpOS.

Some of this maybe to do with my current set up.
I'm having to use some drivers in emulation although this should be sorted soon.

Some of the speed loss I am sure is down to as Buleste says, lack of optimisation for the BPPC and CPPC.
Hopefully this will change.

On the plus side, I have access to more programs, some of them quite useful.
Although the OS doesn't seem on the surface to be much more advanced than 3.9 with third party proggies, it does appear to be more stable.
Buleste 16:43 5th February 2008
Main thing is that MOS and OS4 are the rivels for the PPC "Amiga" market and i'd just like to be able to compare the two so if anyone can help me with advice on how to get MOS to run i'd appreciate it as i've tried most of the normal things (idepatch, reducing the amount of fast ram, using a SFS partition instaed of FFS 45 etc) to no avail as it just hangs on the black screen after the reset.
TiredOfLife 16:55 5th February 2008
I wanted to try it myself, but it doesn't work with a Mediator setup.
There is a MorphOS site, you can try.
Buleste 17:10 5th February 2008
Got the DL looked through the forum and tried various bits from there but still struggling.
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