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Thread: MorphOS PowerUP
Harrison 17:30 5th February 2008
I've been hoping that PearPC would add support for open BIOS so that I could test MorphOS with this PPC emulator, but sadly this hasn't been added, and the emulator doesn't seem to have been worked on for a long time now.

There are a couple of other PPC emulators. PSIM is now very old (1996) but I've heard it still works well for a lot of PPC emulation. And Qemu which is the newest and most promising. I've not tried either but am interested to see if either could be used to run MorphOS. I will have to investigate.
herosshamy 12:23 19th January 2011
On 2 December 2010 was released MorphOS 2.7, improved support for Power Mac G4 and platforms that several bugs are fixed.
burns flipper 12:13 20th January 2011
Nice fact!
Harrison 12:30 20th January 2011
Indeed. A spammer accidental actually contributing to the discussion.

BTW, if interested, you can see a full rundown of the 2.7 update on the official MorphOS site at

I would love to run MorphOS and have a play around with it, but its a bit pointless buying an old G4 Mac just for that, or one of the expensive supporting PPC motherboards. A real shame. As said 1000 times before, they need to start porting to Intel.
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