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Thread: Mediator 1200 and a new monitor!
Harrison 14:16 7th February 2008
The STs were probably embarrassed to be in the presence of an Amiga user.

I must admit that the ST was quite a stable machine. Not any less stable than an Amiga really. Just not as good.
TiredOfLife 15:40 7th February 2008
Then it's true, my powers are genuine.
Stephen Coates 15:12 8th February 2008
The Mediator arrived today

I take it that I will need an AT power supply for it then? If I connect an AT supply does this mean I can do away with the Amiga's own power supply or do I still need that as well?
Harrison 15:52 8th February 2008
I'm not had first hand experience with this, but I think you need to supply power to both the A1200 motherboard and the mediator board, therefore you need to wire the PC PSU up to both so that they both switch on together.
Stephen Coates 16:32 8th February 2008
I don't suppose anyone has a spare AT power supply, or even just the connector?
Harrison 16:47 8th February 2008
Stick a wanted advert on AmiBay. There are some regulars on there that should be able to help you out.
Buleste 09:30 9th February 2008
Amigakit sell a ATX to AT connector but they appear not to be in stock at the moment. Once you've connected your ATX PSU you will not need the 1200 PSU as the 1200 draws power from the mediator.

If you read the ZIV instruction manual that should be on the main site, the instructions should be basically the same.
Stephen Coates 09:47 9th February 2008
OK thanks. I will just have to obtain an ATX Power supply then. (The one I have now had it's ATX connector chopped off so I could put an Amiga connector on it.
Buleste 10:19 9th February 2008
Best thing to do is try get a AT PSU as the ATX to AT adapter is not available at Amigakit. I've an old 230W AT PSU that whilst working is on its way out and is missing a Molex if you want. Then i just have to get rid of my AT to 1200 power connector.
Harrison 11:01 9th February 2008
That's interesting. I hadn't realised you didn't need to also power the A1200 motherboard as well once it was fitted. I remembered the earliest zorro/pci expansions for the A1200 needed to have power going to both.
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