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Thread: Your favourite Public Domain games?
Harrison 10:30 9th September 2008
Since upgrading my A1200 I've got the old HD sitting ready for me to make a copy of the old install I used for years. Among the contents I've got hundreds of HD installed PD games that I used to play a lot and they are all setup in genre directories for easy navigation.

When i get time I will create an HDF of my PD collection so you can all get hold of it if you are interested. I might first need to setup some local assign and launch scripts in some of the game's directories as I'm sure I set the assigns up originally in the main user-startup file.

I'm quite looking forward to exploring my old A1200 HD setup and playing them all again.
Cortona 12:52 9th September 2008
My favourite was Scorched Tanks - so simple but so much fun after a night at the pub! I also liked Extreme Violence, another two player effort with some interesting weapons and sound effects. I still have these on my A1200's HD.
Amigapd 21:28 13th March 2011
Back in October last year I created a website focussing just on Amiga public domain games - I have recently added a self booting compilation cd for the cd32 or winuae emulator and I have now added a CF hard drive image of the compilation for Amiga 1200 users - the compilations contain 250+ amiga public domain games and shareware demos. link for Amiga 1200 compilation link for cd32 compilation
Ghost 18:50 9th June 2013
I hope people don't mind me resurrecting this 'dead' topic but I wanted tor respond to the last poster's (yeah two years ago) post.

I think I discovered his site around then and have been able to play some PD gems I otherwise would not have been able to play.

Super Obliteration is one of my favorites but I also liked, Scorched Tanks, Zombie Apocalypse, and I have really been trying to get into the Shepherd as it looks intriguing.
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