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Thread: Random Rants
Kin Hell 12:50 13th March 2019
Originally Posted by Stephen Coates:
I just came back from a short holiday to find a card from Hermes lodged in the door, stating 'Parcel in green bin'. I looked in my green bin, and indeed there was a parcel there.
That's gotta be a "First" for "Herpes".

Originally Posted by Stephen Coates:
Its addressed to our address, but to someone whom we've never heard of. Any idea what I should do with it? If I'd been in when the courier called I could have refused it. I can't really drop it back in the post like I could if it was Royal Mail.

Fortunately though there is a return address on the parcel, so I could contact the sender.
Stephen Coates 18:03 13th March 2019
I'm pleased to say that the other week, the intended recipient actually called round with the money . Turns out it was intended for number seventy-something.
Kin Hell 11:56 30th March 2019
Well I got Herpe'd some weeks back....

Returned some items to Amazon via a Local McColl's shop on the 12/03/19 & Hermes were the Courier doing the pickup.

Amazon received the return @ their Holdings Address on the 26/03/19.... Two frickin weeks dammit....

I could have strapped it to the back of a Stray Dog & probably got a quicker result.

Harrison 12:10 1st April 2019
That is some delay. My only guess is such a company send returns back via palette and it only gets shipped once a full palette is filled. You see Amazon returns pallets for sale online because Amazon don't actually want the hassle of processing the items.
Kin Hell 23:12 14th April 2019
Not entirely sure that's correct Harrison....It certainly wasn't a Pallet @ the McColl's shop, that's for sure.

I've sent two returns to Amazon since & used Royal Fail, ....cough..... Mail.....

Dropped off @ 11.40am on the way to work & by 2.30pm, had an Email from Amazon saying my refund was in process.

Two day's later, I had another Email saying they had received my return & had refunded my account. - The money showed 3 day's later!

J T 01:09 15th April 2019
Originally Posted by Harrison:
You see Amazon returns pallets for sale online because Amazon don't actually want the hassle of processing the items.
Really? Seems counterintuitive at first but I guess keeping happy and returning customers is more valuable than time spent (therefore wage cost) on processing minor things.

Still, what a crazy world we live in sometimes, eh?
Harrison 09:05 21st April 2019
If you look on YouTube there are some whom make a living from these return palettes and film unboxing them. There is a lot of junk included but these people seem to sell it at places like car boots and market stalls so work involved to get their money back.
Stephen Coates 18:59 21st April 2019
I've seen quite a few 'Recommended' videos crop up on YouTube with titles like "Amazon returns pallet unboxing". Don't think I've ever watched one, but I have seen such pallets for sale.

I can certainly understand why they would want to just get rid of low-value returns like that.
Harrison 22:55 28th April 2019
Exactly, especially if the packaging has been broken, opened or items used. More hassle than the amount they could hope to get reselling as open box or B grade as they would need to employ someone to check, repackage, write reports etc.
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