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Thread: Random Rants
Buleste 19:20 20th December 2007
I'm haveing a bit of a mare at the moment so i wanted to start a Thread where anyone can just post a rant about life, the universe and everything. The rules are:-
1) No names
2) No rants about fellow members

Being as it's my thread i'll start.

Why the hell did i not pay more attention when i did my ebay listings. I've had one item listed for the past couple of weeks when it looks like i've already accidentally sent it out to someone by mistake so i've lost money. Then when i did my listings i didn't pay attention to my P&P costings and have cocked up on most of them (usually overcharging people) which fortunately i've managed to correct in the invoices but still it's a pain. I know that this is nobodies fault but my own but i just wanted to vent.

Thats better. I feel cleansed.
v85rawdeal 19:59 20th December 2007
OOOh this looks like fun!!!

I hate my landlord... well, I hate the sh177y plumber they used... A pipe birst and soaked a load of my collectibles.

Not so bothered about the Star Wars CCG stuff, as that was mostly worthless, but the Big Box Daggerfall and Frontier on the Amiga... now that was a reall p1553r!!!

Ahh, f**k the old plumber.... where the bleedin' 'ell is the fixture to repair it all.

What was worse was that it was hot water, and that steam got into all my stuff.

I will be glad when this year is over!
Buleste 21:23 20th December 2007
That's a pretty sh1t day. I feel for your frontier.

How long before someone has a Rant about people having Rants?

I forgot to mention that today i was supposed to be having a power shower connected up by an electrician. *:30 he should have come. 10:00 he said he would be there at 11:30 at latest. 13:00 hours he turned up. Said it was because he went to Spain yesterday, came back in early hours of morning then his washing machine busted and he spent all morning trying to fix that. When he did turn up all he did was connect some wiring to the fuse box and said he'll come back Saturday. He stayed for 1 and a half hours. If he'd have turned up when he said he would he'd have had the damn thing done today and still have had time to do his washing machine.
Tradesmen. Shoot the bloody lot!!!!!!!!!!!! (unless they are members of this site, then they have good taste and are obviousely good at their job and worth every penny.)
Harrison 22:20 20th December 2007
Originally Posted by Buleste:
Then when i did my listings i didn't pay attention to my P&P costings and have cocked up on most of them (usually overcharging people) which fortunately i've managed to correct in the invoices but still it's a pain.
If someone has already bid on the item and you clearly had the post and packing price listed on the auction, then they would have agreed to the price and you don't have to correct or refund anything.

Many ebayers over charge on the postage to cover what they really want for the item they are selling, as a lower price on the actual item invites more people into the bidding.
Buleste 09:32 21st December 2007
Unfortunatly i'm honest about my P&P charges and have been known to give a refund of difference when i get the prices wrong without the customer asking for one. I'm proud of my 100% feedback and want to keep it. I allways put the starting price at the moinimum i want for my items, If they go for more then bonus. Either way i'm not ranting so this is inappropriate for this thread.
Stephen Coates 09:43 21st December 2007
They do agree to the prices, but sometimes, the seller is just generous. I had someone refund me 5 on the postage once due to him not being sure of the exact cost. Nothing wrong with refunding and making your buyers happy if you want to.

My rant for today is why to my teachers at college keep getting ill? Pat was ill last week so we ended up getting friday afternoon off, Keith was off yesterday so we got to go early, and John is off today so we got the entire day off, except for the hour that it took to get to college and back (It's end of term now, and college closes at 12:30, so there is no friday afternoon).
Harrison 14:17 21st December 2007
Welcome to the joys of further education Steve! It has been like that ever since I was first at college.

Unlike in a school where they have a duty to teach you, so they have to provide a stand in teacher, in college and other further education the philosophy is that you are now an adult and the tutors are only there to guide you, not to enforce what you are doing. If you don't get on with the work, then you are the only one you are hurting. Therefore when a tutor is off ill they won't normally provide cover as they expect you to just continue your studies on your own.

The only thing that they bother taking into account is the end of term/semester scores. Don't hit the required level and you have to retake to continue. Other than that life as a student is good. It can however take some time to adjust to that way of thinking and working after the restrictive way schools work. But they have to as I can't imagine most teens left to their own devices would get on and do any work.
Submeg 10:37 22nd December 2007
here is one: fem_ _ _ _

Buleste 11:49 22nd December 2007
Ah, Christmas the time for breaking up. Usually on Boxing day, that way shes had her present off you.
Submeg 12:19 22nd December 2007
Lol, oh the jolly season! Na we didnt break up, just had a bit of a fight. Fun either way
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