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Thread: Random Rants
Stephen Coates 09:20 2nd January 2008
It does seem impossible to go out for just one day and NOT see at least one person using a mobile phone. I think it's quite annoying when you are sat near someone who is talking on a mobile phone on the bus.

It is also surprising, the amount of new phones that you see. I rarely see anyone talking on an old mobile phone.
Buleste 14:40 26th February 2008
Today my local council have posted the news that in the last 6 months recycling rates in the Staffordshire moorlands have rocketed and that fornightly collections are a resounding sucess. This is the biggest load of bollocks ever.
The reason recycling rates have gone up in our area is purely due to the fact that in September we were allowed to recycle plastics and cardboard (most of modern food packaging) so the numbers were bound to increase. As for fortnightly collections being a sucess it's only because the weather has been so crap there's been no heat to make the bins reach full ripeness even though when it's getting close to collection time they do pen a bit. The worst part is because hosehold waste gets collected one week and recycling the next the bastards tried to claim that this wasn't fortnightly collections as the binmen come round every week. This is just another piece of Spin. Whats worse is the policy of fortnightly collections was started by a Labour controlled council and opposed by the Tories but then implimented by a Tory controlled council and spun in such a way you'd think that it was there own bright idea.
I hate all politicians. Someone needs to create a vaccination programme to irradicate the disease of politicians and spin doctors.
Come the day when i rule the world the first thing i'll do is build a very long wall with a lot of stakes in front and order some extra ammunition for the bastards.
I'm going to lie down for a bit now.
Harrison 16:01 26th February 2008
It annoyed me when this collection scheme was introduced down here too. We sometimes struggle to find room for the rubbish by the second week, and you still can't recycle a lot of things that I would like to see going into the recycle bin, as opposed to having to put it into the normal black bin, which I know ends up in a land fill.

And that is another thing that really annoys me. Land Fills. We don't and shouldn't need them. Pretty much all rubbish thrown away should be recyclable and government set targets years into the future is out of order in my view. We should be forcing packaging companies to use completely recyclable packaging, and for most food stuffs we should be going back to the old way of loose food that is put into brown paper bags, thus eliminating the need for packaging altogether.

Also fast food companies are responsible for a lot of this packaging, although they are now getting better with a lot of it being cardboard.
Stephen Coates 16:41 26th February 2008
We never have a problem with not enough space in the wheelie bin. It is never full.

Anything recyclable stuff which the council don't collect, we take to the tip.
Buleste 16:48 26th February 2008
We have 3 bins. One for garden waste, cardboard and food waste. One for metal,glass and plastics and then theres the Non recyclable waste. On top of that we then have a Non recyclable bag for paper and one one for clothing. A lot of the plastics go abroad (mostly to China) for recycling.
What annoys me is that if my council for instance had some brains they could build a large recycling centre and an incinerator and whilst recycling or incinerating our waste they could sell their services to other councils and make money but also generate electricity from the incinerators and sell that to the national grid and make more money and then invest that money into improving the area. But of course that would meen councilors going without their "fact finding" trips to hot and sunny climes for a few years so that could never happen.
Harrison 16:53 26th February 2008
That is exactly the solution we need. The amount of rubbish we produce as a nation would surely provide enough fuel for electrical production, unless it actually takes more energy to destroy compared to the amount it produces, in which case it would be a bit pointless.

But if it did work, with the air scrubbers now in existence to remove pollutants from the smoke/gases released it would surely be cleaner than building more coal based power stations.
Buleste 17:26 26th February 2008
Plus when the NIMBY rebellion starts you just tell them that if they allow this then council tax will fall, services will improve and house prices will rise due to the improved services. Then if i had my way take the scrubbers off and let them choke when it's all gone through.
Buleste 14:30 1st March 2008
Brand new rant today.
Yesterday i decided to update my driver for my graphics card. I always do this with great trepedation as in the past ATI graphics drivers have tended to kill my computer. This time rather than killing my computer it killed NAV a very neat trick if you want to be a hacker especially as if you unistall, you can't reinstall. If you use the Norton Remover programme you still can't reinstall. After several hours of trying i found that all the problems were due to the ATI install installing a version of Visual C++ 2005 redistributable. After uninstalling this and the using the M$ uninstall tool as well as the thing just wouldn't go away i was eventually able to install NAV again. Unfortunatly whilst the driver appears to work fine it didn't fix an annoying system error and in fact added another. So my rant is why are AMD/ATI so crap at software???? They have billions of dollars so you'd have thought they could afford to hire some good programmers. When i upgrade my PC i am not going anywhere near any AMD/ATI products at all.
Harrison 13:55 3rd March 2008
I've used ATI cards for a long time in some of my systems and have never had any problems with their graphics drivers. At the moment I have two systems running 9800 Pro's and another with a 9600. All of these systems have been reinstalled over time, drivers updated etc... and never any issues.

I would recommend using the free Driver Cleaner tool however to completely clean the system of existing graphics drivers before installing a newer version just to make sure there is nothing on the system HD that might confuse things.

However my current main system has been running an nVidia 7800 GT for about 2 years now and it has been a great card without any real issues. Plus the graphics drivers do seem easier to install and setup compared to ATI offerings. And it has made me want to upgrade to another nVidia card instead of ATI when the time comes.
Teho 14:12 3rd March 2008
Damn kids and their idiot driving! The dead-end street where I live has a really narrow part. Two cars can pass eachother there if they both drive near the edge, but normally the car that gets to it last waits until the first passes. Getting home from work just now, I start on this narrow section. Some car is busy turning in the middle of the street further down where the road widens, wasn't a car I know and by the hurried manner it does this I guess this is some guy who took a wrong turn. This happens. But when he has turned, he floors it into this narrow section that I'm in the middle of, and does not edge over to the side to give us both enough space. So, in order to let him pass I literally have to take my car halfway off the road, where of course I hit a rock and the tire blows! And I see the kid as he passes and just keeps speeding on, having this typical stressed out look on his face, completely oblivious to what he just did!

So now my car is standing outside with a ruined tire, and most likely the rim is bent as well! And that wheel was less than a year old! I'm so pissed off right now, that kid should really be glad he didn't stop! Right now I feel like I could've killed him!
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