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Thread: Random Rants
Harrison 13:17 31st July 2015
Really. I don't think I've ever had an SCR file download. What and where are you downloading?

And never open attachments to dodgy looking emails. Any professional organisation will never attach a file directly to an email for things like bank forms, or links to specific logins. They always tell you to visit their site and log into your account yourself. If you don't know what it is, then don't download or open it.
Stephen Coates 14:16 31st July 2015
I get quite a lot of emails with zipped SCR files. Usually it is an email formatted to look like it ought to be genuine, with an attachment like, which contains genuine_sounding_document.txt.scr.

But this one was curious as the zip file contained genuine_sounding_document.shtml, which contained only a link to another website.

Of course, as a GNU/Linux user, I have no idea what these executable files do, and I usually just delete them. I'm assuming they are Windows viruses.
Harrison 00:19 1st August 2015
SCR files are screensavers, and they put malware inside them, so if people did open the SCR files they install the screensaver, then when the computer next goes into screensaver mode it launches the malware with it.
Demon Cleaner 11:00 21st August 2015
I'm quite pissed off at the moment, because I'm sick. Last Saturday my throat started hurting, nothing to worry about, took some medication, didn't get better, so Monday morning I went to the doctor. Got antibiotics straight away, 3 days off work, and some other stuff, well done, thought in 2 days you'll be fine.

It just got worse, by Wednesday, I couldn't swallow anymore, it hurts so badly, never had that before plus I have all the time 39 fever. So I went back to the doctor, who changed then the antibiotics to a different one, pills against fever and I did a blood test. Plus I also have now a fungus on my tongue.

Called him on Thursday morning, and he told me that he was right the second time, that it was no mononucleosis, but bacteria infection with streptococcus type A, so the antibiotics should help.

Well I can tell you, it's still not better, I have a very hard time swallowing the pills, I didn't eat anything since Monday, and I spit into a bucket every 30 seconds because I cannot even swallow my saliva. I can't sleep, and this morning I was close to puking, as I think taking all the time the antibiotics on a raw stomach is not the best.

The throat pain is almost unbearable and I really hope I will see some progress soon. Today seems to be 5-10% better, not a lot, but that gives me hope.
Harrison 11:20 21st August 2015
Oh no. I know how bad that feels as I used to get tonsillitis a lot when I was little and it was horrible. Ice Cream is probably the only thing I could eat to try and sooth my tonsils.

Hope you start getting better soon and it's bad when you don't even feel well enough to play any video games.
Stephen Coates 16:51 21st August 2015
Sounds bad. Hope you get well soon .
Tiago 17:01 21st August 2015
Hi Demon, you cannot even swallow your saliva? That looks bad mate.
Hope you get better soon.
Kin Hell 17:05 21st August 2015
@ DC

The fungus on your tongue could be Thrush. Eat Yoghurt to help naturally, though I do believe there are oral Thrush solutions available too. - Being unwell in this manner can leave your gut short of healthy bacteria & thrush is usually the end result for this. Antibiotics also strip your gut of healthy bacteria too.
Another way to prove Thrush, is to not wash your cock for 24/48 hrs. If you start to develop cheese, that's Thrush for ya!
If you are cheesing up down there, get some canesten cream. Google is your best friend or your Doc of course.

Sympathies kiddo & hope you're feeling better soon.
Teho 18:25 21st August 2015
Sorry to hear about this, Demon. Sounds nasty. Hope you'll get better soon.
Kin Hell 08:09 22nd August 2015
& yeah.... It's best NOT to take prescribed drugs on an empty stomach. Before a meal is fine cos you'll be dumping food on top but never on an empty stomach. It could be a recipe for "Ulcer City" later in life, even if Antibiotics, head ache pills. Asprin on an empty gut will make it bleed.

Get well soon fella & eat loads of Yoghurt & soft fruit.
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