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Thread: Off topic's off topic thread
J T 09:54 13th December 2007
If you ask for every post to be off topic, and they are, then surely they are on topic as it's what you asked for?

Harrison 12:16 13th December 2007
Why is it so hard to watch something when the sound is slightly out of sync?
Buleste 12:26 13th December 2007
I'm sure i made a post calling J T a smart arse. Oh well i'll call him one again. Smart Arse.

Starlings. Why?
toomanymikes 12:29 13th December 2007
Mongoose? yet the name is Mungo alterior
Sharingan 16:37 13th December 2007
I can see clearly now. The brain is gone.
TiredOfLife 16:44 13th December 2007
Hello, hello, is there anybody here?
Puni/Void 16:54 13th December 2007
Bananas, bananas, they're coming down the stairs. Bananas, in pyjamas, they're chasing small bears.
Tiago 16:59 13th December 2007
yep, there were 2 submarines on top of a tree.
TiredOfLife 17:04 13th December 2007
If your nose runs and your feet smell.
You are upside down.
v85rawdeal 17:05 13th December 2007
can you say the same word more than ten times in a row, and it still make sense???
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