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Thread: Smash TV and Total Carnage
Harrison 15:25 16th January 2008
I played the Amiga version of Smash TV after playing the excellent SNES version, so it made the Amiga version feel worse than it probably would to anyone playing it as their first experience of the game.

Total Carnage was OK, if very generic. As I mentioned before I played the coverdisk demos of it while it was in development and quite enjoyed it, but the controls were not very precise and made the game harder for it.

For me one of the greatest two player Amiga shooters of this type has to be Ikari Warriors. I used to play that a lot in two player mode and it was great fun. I first played the CPC version which was great for an 8-bit conversion, and then I got hold of the ST version. But the Amiga version was definitely the best, with the same improved visuals of the ST version, but with improved sound effects.

The original Ikari Warriors arcade machine also had rotational joysticks which was great!
Buleste 15:30 16th January 2008
I used to love Ikari Warriors for the C64. Never played SmashTV or Total Carnage. For best multiplayer on the Amiga see Worms: The Directors Cut. The only way to improve the game is to add beer into the players.
Demon Cleaner 13:05 17th January 2008
I also played Smash TV on the C64, and also enjoyed it very much. But like Harrison I also prefer Ikari Warriors, and the first time I played it was also on a CPC.
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