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Thread: Amiga Photographs
sarek2k 23:38 23rd January 2008
Here's My A1200 (The good one )

inside and outside

I have since swapped the monitor for a 17" Black Crt and i'm also expecting a hd off zetro some time soon (hint hint m8 ) as my fujitshite packed in and it was quite noisey too!

I also have an Optical mouse and trilogic dual joystick / mouse convertor as stated in sig!
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Zetr0 05:54 24th January 2008
umm.... indeed..... its on route when i get to the post office today my friend

nice picies... btw lets talk about that camera lol

Ohh... i was going to ask, what scan-doubling / flicker fixing unit are you using on that miggy? and how much was it?
Buleste 12:52 24th January 2008
Not entirly sure whats going on with this but it looks like a 600 with a LCD and speakers built in
Zetr0 12:53 24th January 2008
what does?
Buleste 12:55 24th January 2008
I've edited the post so that it contains a link to the site as i couldn't get the images to upload.
Or for larger pictures try
and Unfortunatly as my hungarian or polish is rusty to say the least i don't know any more about the project.
Zetr0 13:00 24th January 2008
Ahhh yes... i have seen this mod... its a great mod... not to my taste but still impressive work!
Harrison 13:24 24th January 2008

So what is that mod exactly? Looks like a lot of extras in the case, but I don't quite understand what all the additional buttons and switches on the case are for, or the extra outputs.

And is that little LCD screen displaying the whole Amiga display? If so that is really cool.
Buleste 13:36 24th January 2008
Just studied the images and the LCD is the Amiga display, there are several sound jacks added to the back and what looks like a 3.5" male ide connector with power connector on the left hand side. I'd love to know what the silver thing is though.
Harrison 13:40 24th January 2008
The silver thing attached under the top of the case? To me it looks like a remote control.
Zetr0 13:50 24th January 2008
i would say its "just in the picture" as it holds down the keyboard ribbon matrix

it got speakers and a custom built audio mixer...
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