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Thread: Amiga Photographs
Zetr0 06:00 23rd January 2008
Some nice rigs in here for sure.

its always good to turn them on every so often to stop the awefull BitROT monster from calling.

I will post some of my Amiga pics soon me thinks

heys ClassicAmiga

A little while back now an old friend on the EAB forums, inspired me into making an ultimate A600, i manged to swap a spare wireless router for a basic A600, and then i started building.

here she is finished, but that is not even half the story

The Hardware Pr0n shot!

theres more of the overview here on OldSkool Forums

and slightly more detailed project and pics here on the EAB

I have added and updated this project, i must really take more shots methinks. one of the majot upgrades to this is a 4MB SRAM card (as opposed to 2MB) my hope is to develop and redevelop a project by Lord Vader LDV, an 8MB cpu clip on ram board
Tiago 08:09 23rd January 2008
Fantastic work !!
The bottom color is great. We can see many cd-roms in A1200s but in A600 is not so easy... It's really nice.
Zetr0 08:44 23rd January 2008
Thank you

I have to admit,,, i totally enjoyied this mod
Harrison 10:46 23rd January 2008
Great mod to the A600. Makes me want to do that to my A600 now.

There is one mod still left for your little Amiga, but with the extras already in the case it might not fit. The A600 68030 accelerator, which also adds more fast ram.

Would then basically end up with an A3000 spec mini Amiga, but with 3.1 KS.
Submeg 11:58 23rd January 2008
I dont know much about restoring and such, but that to me looks very nice, a good job u did there!
Buleste 13:14 23rd January 2008
There is a file on aminet on how to use 72 pin SIMMS in a 600. zipped html file can be downloaded from here.
Zetr0 13:26 23rd January 2008
That Tabajara is an awesome hack, it allows you to use any size of 72 pin SIMM (>1MB) as Chip Ram.... you only actaully get 1MB Chip (for 2MB Total) pretty awesome i have a ton of 2MB sticks!!!!!
AlexJ 17:36 23rd January 2008
Nice job, and great pics/writeup as well.
Puni/Void 17:56 23rd January 2008
Excellent work! That A600 looks great.
Zetr0 21:29 23rd January 2008
thanks for the kind words guys
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