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Thread: Amiga Photographs
J T 17:19 8th October 2007
Originally Posted by Submeg:
So currently, my Amiga setup is like this:
I think many ppl may have the same.
You are so right there. I might try and get a pic of my Amiga set up at some point. But first I would actually have to, y'know, set it up.
Harrison 17:25 8th October 2007
Tomorrow I'm going to setup my A4000 and a couple of my other Amiga's and take some pictures for you all to see.

BTW, I probably never mentioned before, but I still have the original box for my A4000.
Demon Cleaner 19:34 8th October 2007
2 weeks ago Zyriax sold his 4000T for 1.500 at eBay, quite a nice price. He's selling some of his collection, already sold a lot of stuff. Is that because he's gf lives with him now?? I wanted his A600, but he tested it the WE, and it won't boot anymore, the screen stays black, and the HDD is doing nothing. Have to ask what he's still selling/giving away.
Harrison 19:55 8th October 2007
That could just be a fault PSU with the A600.
Demon Cleaner 22:30 8th October 2007
The screen is not ALL black, it's very dark but you can see something in the background, the A600 has power.
toomanymikes 12:42 14th October 2007
Finally! Here is my Amiga set up:

A1200 with original commodore installed 128MB hard drive running Workbench 3.1
Connected to Sony Bravia KDL 40W2000 with RGB Scart cable
Playstation 3 and Wii in background beside 50W Active subwoofer
Sony 5.1 cinema surround amp with 50W central speaker
Bowers and Wilkins 704 floor standing speakers front L&R channels
Bowers and Wilkins 303 Standmount speakers rear L&R channels

Only downside is that the RGB cable has L&R Sterio built in but the cable for this is about 30cm long! What the hell kind of use is that? So im gonna have to find a female to male Sterio cable extension before I can plug it in properly to the amp ( I can do this now but the Amiga has to sit on the floor to reach).

I was gonna change the amp but I think Ill wait until some HDMI 1.3 receivers come out with digital radio at a reasonable price. Then I guess Ill upgrade the centre speaker to a B&W HTM7 cos my one gets a bit drowned out by the 704's.

Heres a photo of Zool running on it:

Harrison 12:51 14th October 2007
Very nice setup! Looks great.
toomanymikes 12:55 14th October 2007
Cheers! When I get the RGB Stereo issue sorted out ill set it up properly and hide the wires.
J T 15:32 14th October 2007
Ooooh, I like those speakers, very nice. That's a pretty cool set up you have there.

Don't bother getting a female-male phono extension cable, just get some RCA 'couplers' (they're probably about 99p) and another long phono lead (you've probably got one laying about in a bag or a box full of hi-fi and AV spare pieces). It's what I did and for that sort of output it's fine.

Like this:

Puni/Void 15:48 14th October 2007
Nice setup, but you should really consider installing MagicWB or a similar package for your Workbench, so that the desktop doesn't look so grey.
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