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Thread: If you could pick just one...
Harrison 00:35 4th January 2007
If you could pick just one Arcade game out of every arcade cabinet ever released what would it be? and why?
Toasty667 16:47 2nd May 2007
Has to be a beat 'em up (drove my dad mad dragging him to arcades so I could play Street Fighter 2) so it's Killer Instinct 2. Fantastic music, graphics and effects. Along with this the gameplay was fast, had original moves had a unique camera perspective (it would pan around to get the best view of the fight) and there were a lot more moves and techniques that made it easier and more fun for novice players at the same time giving it more variety. Add in little nice touches and signiture moves and you've got one of the best beat 'em ups ever.
Demon Cleaner 17:02 2nd May 2007
That is again a very tough question. I played a lot of the old arcade games, beginning with Asteroids, Space Invaders and PacMan (both on table tops), and then Phoenix, Time Pilot, Rally X, Rock'n Rope, Pengo, Galaga, Xevious, Exciting Soccer, Passing Shot, Elevator Action, Spy Hunter, Tron, Gauntlet, Yie Ar Kung Fu and many more.

Later I played a lot of Kick'n Run (Mexico 86), and I loved it. At the same time I played Psychic 5, which is still now one of my favorites, I think I mentioned it more than once here on the boards (old board), and always told you to test it. I managed to get over 6.000.000 points in that game, which was of course the high score in my home town for several years.

But if I had to chose a cabinet, I would definitely take the Dragon's Lair one, as I was also ace on that one, and it just looks gorgeous. Why? Try for yourself
v85rawdeal 00:27 3rd May 2007
Oh that is such a hard question...

It is easy enough to break the list down to a select few, but at that point it becomes very hard indeed.

I think i would have to decide on my tope five cabinets, in no particular order.

Gauntlet - Absolutely classic game
Hard Drivin' - Just a great deal of fun
Powerdrift - Some of the best bumps and grinds from any hydraulic system
720 - The first game I remember seeing that used a rollerball as a controller
Chase HQ - I just enjoyed playing this game a lot

Now from them it is eventually come down to two machines:

Gauntlet and Hard Drivin'

I think I will have to plump for Gauntlet, quite simply because I have so many memories of playing the game for hours on end on a single credit.

Such a tough question though.
Harrison 10:46 3rd May 2007
It was such a tough question that you may notice I didn't actually state what my own favourite was!

Gauntlet 2 was a great cabinet, and one I played as a 4 player game often in our local arcade, but I wouldn't place it in my top arcade cabinets.

As mentioned in another topic, the original Star Wars cabinet is a firm favourite of mine and is very high up in my list of favourite cabinets.

Another game often forgotten is Xybots. I spent a long time playing that in the arcades with it's unique rotating joystick that you moved 90 degrees left or right to turn the game onscreen when going around corners. But again, although it was a great game I wouldn't place it high on the list.

For me I just cannot say a single game, but it would have to be one of the earlier games that innovated the industry. Something like Bubble Bobble, Pacman, Contra and the like.
J T 11:09 3rd May 2007
I think I'd go for the multiplayer Scud Race with the cars you acually sat in and which moved about with the on screen car.

Would need a LOT of space for that one, but it's be great fun for having a load of people over.
Demon Cleaner 11:16 3rd May 2007
Scud Race looks cool, but the cabinet is from 1996, I would like to have an older one, but again, Scud Race looks damn cool
Harrison 11:57 3rd May 2007
Some of the link up multi player cabinets are really cool. The Virtua Racer cabs linked up was always great. And what is that Formula One game? Where you sit in full sized F1 cars.
Demon Cleaner 13:06 3rd May 2007
Wasn't that the first Virtua Racing? I remember seeing some in Bruxelles, where they had 10-12 cars next to another in one row. That was multiplayer fun!!
Harrison 13:18 3rd May 2007
No, the one I'm thinking of was much newer than Virtua Racer, although that did also have a full car version as you mentioned. The one I'm thinking of has full sized F1 looking cars and the screen mounted in the car just in front of the steering wheel. The graphics are also much newer than Virtua Racer.

But for total immersion you can't beat the original sit in version of Ridge Racer with a real car and a complete wrap around screen. That was an amazing experience.
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