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Thread: Favourite Arcade games of all time?
Harrison 00:34 4th January 2007
What are you favourite arcade games of all time? Which ones hold the best memories for you from the past?
TiredOfLife 15:17 4th January 2007
Space Invaders.
Still play it now at home.
Kicked off the arcade scene for me.
LowercaseE 15:38 4th January 2007
Street Fighter Alpha
TMNT (the first one)
Mortal Kombat 1 and 2
Ms. Pacman
Demon Cleaner 16:00 4th January 2007
This is definitely a difficult one to answer for me, I have so many and so many really awesome great memories, if I write that all in that topic, it will be overloaded
Puni/Void 17:23 5th January 2007
It is a very hard question, but I guess Golden Axe will have a special place for me. I think I remember playing this game as a kid at the local arcade - awesome graphics and neat gameplay. Bought it original for the Amiga after a while and could play it for free. Another game is good old Galaga and Ms. Pacman - those two are also pretty good.
Teho 18:49 5th January 2007
There were many arcade games I enjoyed alot back in the day, but the one that stands out has to be the original 4-player Gauntlet machine. First time I encountered a game you could play more than two people on at the same time, and it was a riot!
Harrison 23:28 5th January 2007
Gauntlet was a great machine. We used to play it every time we visited the arcades. I remember the excitement of getting an Atari ST so that I could finally play the really good ST version of Gauntlet II with its support for a 4 joystick adaptor.
Demon Cleaner 23:46 5th January 2007
I also remember playing it at our hometown fair, I always preferred the archer. Was really fun at 4 players.
J T 12:22 6th January 2007
I never really got into the arcade machines all that much as there were only a few machines dotted around here and there, no proper arcades with tons of choice.

But I always enjoyed a good 2player Scud Race.
Submeg 02:25 4th February 2007
Never really had many arcades down here, but the one game I did love was Golden Axe!
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