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Thread: Favourite Arcade games of all time?
rbelk 14:41 19th October 2007
Scramble, that's the only arcade machine I was good at. I could play all night on a couple of quarters.
khaxzan 23:02 11th August 2008
Street Fighter! I play as Ryu
my_lo 07:46 12th August 2008
That's not gonna be easy to answer. I've spent a lot of time lately trying to make my own top 100 arcade games but 100 isn't enough to fit them all
I could give those 10 titles as they are the ones i played the most back in the days:

- After burner
- Psychic 5
- Street fighter
- 1943: the battle of Midway
- Ghouls'n ghosts
- Wonderboy
- Tetris
- Out run
- Shoplifter
- Gauntlet

If anyone is interested i can post my top100 in a .xls file when i'll be done with it...
Quagmire 19:34 12th August 2008
I have fond memories of Double Dragon and Outrun
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